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Downward Expansion (TAMUT)

TAMUT was established as a collaborative with Texarkana College, in which TC offered the freshman and sophomore courses while TAMUT offered Junior and senior level courses. I was the science representative and developed the freshman-sophomore offerings for Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science. Further, I was tasked with developing all of the freshman-sophomore courses for each major, and all general studies courses required for non-science majors.

Reorganized Biology Major (TAMUT)

In 2006, I implemented prerequisites, installed a standard course sequence, reorganized course offerings to ensure availability of mandatory courses to qualify for admission to medical school, dental school and meet guidelines for certification as an associate wildlife biologist and certified ecologist.

Medical Sales minor (TAMUT)

Developed the minor to allow students to specialize their background to target pharmaceuticals and medical sales jobs. The minor was not implemented before I left, although the first student following the sequence became employed in Pharmaceutical sales in 2009. She is still employed in this capacity.

M.S. in Environmental Biology (LSUS)

I was the committee chair for this initiative that started in 2003. I was the lead on the initial proposal that received approval from the Board of Regents. Changes were made to the program after I left and it is now a full-fledged MS program .

B.S. in Environmental Sustainability and Natural Resources. (Langston)

Chaired the committee to develop a stand-alone major for undergraduates. This major is undergoing consideration for approval.

B.S. in Agriculture Evaluation

Chaired the curriculum committee tasked with evaluating the agriculture major and make recommendations for future growth.

B.S. in Environmental Science (TAMUT)

I was tasked with developing a proposal for an environmental science major. It was later submitted and approved after I left the institution.

M.S. in Biology (TAMUT)

The administration requested that I develop a proposal for this program. I developed it and it was submitted for approval. Although the Regents were complimentary of the proposal, they rejected it due to degree duplication and lack of institutional resources. We were encouraged to resubmit at a later time.

B.S. in Plant Science and Environmental Science

Served on committee to develop this program.

Courses (new to department)

Wildlife Ecology & Man.
Wildlife Techniques
Aquatic Ecotoxicology
Conservation Biology
Landscape Ecology & GIS
Environmental Physiology
Environ. Impact Assessment
Vertebrate Biology
Foundation of Med. Histology
Intro. to Medicine
Foundations of Med. Physiol.
Medical Statistics

Courses (Full Reorganization)

Watershed Management
Wildlife Management
Earth Science
Sustainable Food Systems
General Ecology
Natural Resource Managem.
Fisheries Management
Molecular Cell Biology
Gross Anat. for Nurse Anesth.

Courses (First time I taught)

Science, Techn. and Culture
Forensic Science
Ecology and Conservation
Soil classification
Soil fertility
Intro. to Soil Science
Sustainable Development
Ecosystem management
Fisheries Ecology
Restoration Ecology
Behavioral Ecology
Comparative Vertebrate Anat.
Animal Physiology
Human anatomy
Human physiology
Oral physiology


I have led a research and extension program, a very large number of committees, managed an academic biology program, and led components of major university initiatives.

Langston University

From 2016 - 2022: Led the aquaculture extension and research initiatives. Designed research and extension activities. A major thrust was identifying opportunities for aquaculture producers in Oklahoma. As an extension advisor, I developed and implemented a strategy to assist aquaponics producers throughout the state to improve the success of producers. This strategy is ongoing. Further, I set a strategic research initiative to introduce new products and more environmentally friendly approaches to aquaculture. I managed budgeting, invoicing, purchasing, contracting, general operations, and staff support for a multimillion dollar research and extension demonstration facility. This includes mentoring young faculty-scientists in the program. I am also a college representative to the faculty senate

Texas A&M University-Texarkana

From 2005 - 2010, I managed all operations of the Biology Major. Although I was not the director, that title was held by a Dean. This position required massive administrative responsibilities including budgeting. To quote Dean Stripling during my Spring 2008 evaluation, "You are functioning as the director of the biology program and we will need to discuss transferring that title to you." As discussed in my teaching pages, the program evolved a direction and quality that it had at no other time in its history. In 2009, the Dean changed for the fifth time, and I left the institution a year later. I was the college representative to the faculty senate.