Undergraduate and graduate students performing rapid stream bioassessment in aquatic ecotoxicology class.

My teaching experience is extensive in breadth and depth. It spans elementary and secondary schools, community colleges, technical schools, liberal arts colleges, regional state universities, research universities and land grant universities. In higher education, I have successfully delivered meaningful educational experiences to undergraduates, masters, Ph.D., MD, DDS and Law students. Besides formal education experience, I have also delivered outreach and extension programs through non-government organizations and universities.

Teaching Performance Performance Evaluations

Teaching Innovation Courses Taught

Program Development and Leadership

Training program for students and faculty on use of Tremble XT hand-help GPS in 2004
(Funded by Louisiana BORSF grant to McCallum)

Investigating the impact of an F4 tornado on forest habitat in Field Biology class

Learning to identify sexes by plumage in Wildlife Techniques class.

Observing temperature-induced color changes in grasshoppers in Ecology class.

No longer afraid of snakes, trip to Rich Mountain, Arkansas for Herpetology class

Students on a glade mountain top in the Ozark Scenic Rivers NSR, Missouri for Vertebrate Natural History class.