Wildlife Surveys and Inventories

The foundation of sound conservation is a deep understanding the community of organisms present in a given parkland. The process of establishing this baseline is called an inventory. Below are some of the inventories I worked on in Arkansas and Louisiana. An additional critical detail for species conservation is knowing the range and population sizes of particular species of concern. I have worked on several of these projects. The Illinois Chorus Frog was an interesting one because we discovered that the range was contracting mysteriously. The answer for what was going on was pretty disturbing and serves as a warning for other species. Links to individual papers and reports generated by these projects are below.

Inventories for the
National Park Service

Reports and Publications

Current River National Scenic River, MO.
George Washington Carver National Historic Site
Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, MO
Hot Springs National Park
Arkansas Post National Monument

Status of
Illinois Chorus Frog

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Inventories for Louisiana
Wildlife Management Areas

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Louisiana Game and Fish
U.S. Forest Service
Weyerhauser, Inc.