Courses Taught 1995 - 2021

Summary: Extensive experience teaching environmental, organismal, and statistics courses at undergraduate and graduate level and for majors and non-majors. Experienced with large classroom (> 50 students), small classroom (< 25 students), laboratory, field (out-doors), and online teaching. I have developed over 25 courses since 2003, chaired a major curriculum revision (departmental level), and served as the math and science representative on the downward expansion committee which involved collaborating with faculty from all disciplines at the institution and together developing all freshman and sophomore coursework and sequences for general studies curriculum and honors curriculum.

General courses instructed

Science, Technology and Culture (non-majors, undergrad)

Freshman Biology (majors, undergrad)

Freshman Biology (non-majors, undergrad)

Statistics (undergrad-grad)

Forensic Science (undergrad-grad)

Principles of Health (undergrad)

Biology Seminar (team-taught, undergrad)

Earth Science (undergrad, traditional and online versions)

Ecology/environmental/natural resource courses instructed

Watershed Management (undergraduate)

Wildlife Ecology and Management (undergrad-grad)

Wildlife Management (undergraduate)

Wildlife Research Methods and Techniques (undergrad-grad)

Vertebrate Field Biology (undergrad-grad)

Aquatic Ecotoxicology (undergrad-grad)

Limnology (undergraduate)

Ecology and Conservation (undergrad, non-majors)

Earth Science (undergraduate)

Soil genesis, morphology, and classification (undergraduate)

Soil fertility and nutrient management (undergraduate)

Introduction to soil science (undergraduate)

Sustainable Development (graduate, online)

Sustainable Food Systems (undergrad-grad, online)

Ecosystem Management (graduate, online)

General Ecology (undergrad)

Environmental Science (undergrad, non-majors)

Conservation Biology (grad, online)

Natural Resources Management (undergrad-grad, social-ecological system resilience)

Landscape Ecology and Geographic Information Systems (undergrad-grad)

Environmental Physiology (undergrad-grad)

Environmental Impact Assessment (undergrad-grad)

Fisheries Management (undergrad, grad, online)

Fisheries ecology (undergrad, grad)

Introduction to Earth Science (undergrad)

Environmental geology (undergrad)

Wildlife Management (grad, online)

Restoration Ecology (grad, online)

Zoology/organismic courses instructed

Herpetology (undergrad-grad)

Ichthyology (undergrad-grad)

Mammalogy (undergrad-grad)

Vertebrate Natural History (team-taught, Grad)

Vertebrate Biology (undergraduate)

Behavioral Ecology (team-taught graduate)

Parasitology Laboratory (team-taught, undergrad-grad)

Anatomy/physiology/molecular courses instructed

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (team-taught, undergrad)

Vertebrate Histology (undergrad-grad)

Environmental Physiology (undergrad-grad)

Animal Physiology (undergrad)

Anatomy and Physiology I & II (non-majors, undergrad)

Human Biology (non-majors, undergrad)

Electron Microscopy (team-taught, grad)

Genetics (undergrad)

Molecular Cell Biology (undergrad-grad)

Human Anatomy (non-major, undergrad)

Human Physiology (non-majors, undergrad)

Professional (allied health/medicine) and Doctoral-level courses instructed

Foundations of Medical Histology (Medical School)

Introduction to Medicine (team-taught, Medical School)

Foundations of Medical Physiology (Medical School)

Gross Anatomy for Nurse Anesthetists (doctoral nursing program)

Medical Statistics (Medical School)

Oral Physiology (Dental School)

Outreach courses/workshops/programs instructed

Amphibian and reptile captive management (extension, non-credit)

Aquaponics (extension, non-credit)

Aquaculture of prawns in Oklahoma (extension, non-credit)

Frogs of Oklahoma (4-H extension, non-credit)

Pond and Lake Management (extension, non-credit)

Incorporating public aquarium programs into the classroom (teacher workshop)

Maintaining an aquarium in your classroom (teacher workshop)

Explore and More Science Discovery Agriculture (1 day program)

Explore and More Science Discovery Fisheries (1 day program)

Bugs badge program for Girl Scouts of America Brownies

Girl Scouts of America Brownie Leadership Journey Award WOW! Wonders of water patch program

Girl Scouts of America Associated National Proficiency aMUSE! Skill-buillding Animal habitats badge program for Juniors

Girl Scouts of America Junior Legacy National Proficiency Naturalist: Flowers badge program

Girl Scouts of America Cadette Legacy National Proficiency Badge Naturalist - Trees program.

15-20 other outreach programs at a public aquarium for which I no longer have names.

K-12 teaching experience (occasional and extended substitute at Edwardsville and Highland School Districts, Illinois)

High school biology and A&P

High school chemistry

High school English and literature

High school history and geography

High school mathematics (intermediate mathematics, algebra I & II)

High school agriculture, agribusiness, and agriculture mechanics

Junior high school science

Junior high school mathematics

Junior high school science

1st – 6th grade math and science

1st – 6th grade English and literature

1st – 6th grade social studies


Teaching Tools and Software Proficiency

Educator online teaching and classroom management program

Blackboard classroom management program

Tegrity online lecture streaming and recording system

Moodle online teaching and classroom management system

WebCT classroom management system

Eluminate online lecture streaming and recording system

Sakai online teaching and classroom management system

BioPac physiology teaching-grade laboratory hardware and software

Logger Pro teaching-grade laboratory hardware and software

PhysioEx interactive physiology teaching software.

Ecobeaker interactive ecology teaching software.

iWorx physiology teaching-grade laboratory hardware and software

RAMAS Riskcalc

RAMAS Ecolab

WiSP Wildlife simulation package for R

SPECRICH (freeware) ecology species richness program

VEGAN package for R (freeware) ecology simulations software

ECOSIM (freeware) ecology simulations software