Acid Rain

Wood Frogs are found througout much of the Ozark Plateau located in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. While surveying wildlife ponds in the Ozark National Forest, we became aware of frequent occurrences of individual dead frogs in breeding ponds. Ultimately, we came to a normally healthy pond and discovered a mass die-off of Wood Frogs. We collected speciments and sent them to the Wildlife Health Center in Madison Wisconsin for pathological analysis. Then, we ran toxicological studies on the water. Finally, we surveyed ponds across the region to assess the situation. We found no smoking guns except for the acid precipitation that originated from Dallas, Texas.

The initial observation of Wood Frog die-offs was published in the Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science. This led to multiple cost shares with the US Forest Service to investigate the situation.


Trauth, S.E., M.L. McCallum, and M. E. Cartwright. 2000. Breeding Mortality in the wood frog, Rana sylvatica (Anura: Ranidae), from Northcentral Arkansas. Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science 54:154-156.